About Author

About Author

My name is Mark Webb. I began writing the material for this blog in 2015. At that time I added a new prayer for my life: “Lord, may You be greatly increased and I decrease.” My story is not important, it is unique to me. Your story is very important and unique to you. God knows exactly where you’re at and what chapter you’re in. All authors draw from their own life experience and attempt to weave nuggets of wisdom into the narrative, this blog is no different. It is important to say this much…

I am a victim of family estrangement.

When this happens in a Christian family it borders on the seemingly impossible. It’s not what God intended and it’s definitely not what God wants. Families are very close to the heart of God. Any deviation from His original design has a profound negative effect, not only on the those who have been estranged, but also on the those who witness the carnage from the sidelines. What does it say about the name “Christian” to a watching world? My friends, this should not happen, but sadly, family estrangement is all too common.

We are all created in the image of God and as such have a deep seated desire and need to love and be loved, it’s in our DNA. Our family is where we first experience the tender loving character of our God via our parents. When that love grows cold, is withdrawn or betrayed, the consequences are devastating. Mental distress, physical illness and spiritual agony begin to permeate every aspect of your existence. Your home life begins to fall apart as you seek ways to dull the pain with various substances that put at risk the healthy relationships you’re trying to hang onto. Your mind is so preoccupied with what went wrong and how you can fix it that your work life begins to suffer, you make mistakes, even with the simplest of tasks. Focusing is next to impossible as the hurtful words and ungodly actions of your loved one come flooding back in for another round of torture. You begin to wonder if God hears your cries or if He even cares at all. Your faith teeters on the brink and dark thoughts of ending it all begin to form for the first time in your life. Your body aches and you’re tired all the time, sleep is evasive and trips to the doctor’s office and various counsellors are a frequent occurrence. You desperately want to be reconciled but all efforts fail. You hate what has been done to you and that root of bitterness starts to grow. You are unable to come to terms with what has happened and any attempt to regain that “joy of life” that you once had, fall flat. You have no comfort, no justice and no peace.

My friend, if any of this sounds familiar, then you’re in the right place.